Disha: A move in the right direction?

It was the first time, for me, to see common people cheering for Hyderabad police, showering flowers on them as they brought those rapists to justice. It seemed as if a new era had dawned in our nation, but knowing history, I very well knew that opposing views will soon crop up.

Bala – Bad hair oiled by a great script!

The film embraces the ‘social problem’ genre, which is a must nowadays in this nation. But it also blends with comic writing that made my fellow moviegoers berserk with laughter. Bala is a movie that your family can enjoy, barring a few instances that will surely embarrass the young ones.

The Zoya Factor – Script is the Missing X-Factor

I would like to mention Sucharita Tyagi of Film Companion here – she said the bar is pretty low when it comes to films, and I agree. For a few months, we got to see some films that made us wish for more (Manikarnika, Avengers Endgame, etc.) But films like Bharat, Batla House, Saaho haven’t…… Continue reading The Zoya Factor – Script is the Missing X-Factor

Technology is a vicious circle

Technology isn’t a new word, especially in 2019. Everyone owns at least one piece of tech, like a smartphone, a laptop, or a smartwatch. We hardly care about how and where these innovations happen. Earn, buy, and spend has become the ideology of people and it isn’t bad in any way. I change my phone…… Continue reading Technology is a vicious circle

The Sky Is Pink…So are my cheeks!

The 3-minutes long trailer beautifully shows how a family holds their shit together even when the world around them is crumbling apart. Films like these better express the emotions of our fellow countrymen, which is often not discussed given the nature of the topic’s sensitivity or the taboo surrounding it.

Godzilla 2 – Huge monsters in a paltry script

My mother swears by an ideology that one should turn off their brains while watching a movie. Although her statement has been proved a gospel truth, thanks to some execrable movies I’ve watched over the years, Godzilla 2 ensures her words are golden, again. After a terrible headache and a lazy day at work, I…… Continue reading Godzilla 2 – Huge monsters in a paltry script