Godzilla 2 – Huge monsters in a paltry script

My mother swears by an ideology that one should turn off their brains while watching a movie. Although her statement has been proved a gospel truth, thanks to some execrable movies I've watched over the years, Godzilla 2 ensures her words are golden, again. After a terrible headache and a lazy day at work, I... Continue Reading →


Pokémon Detective Pikachu – High on nostalgia

They say one should be comfortable in their own company. That is very much true! There was a time when I used to go alone and trot the world, watch movie all alone or go shopping. This was 7 years ago; a lot changes in such a huge time period. So today, I decided that... Continue Reading →

An abandoned purse and a packet of chips

People of Mumbai traveling to and from work are definitely aware about local trains and how jaded yet holistic it is. A distance of 43 kilometers can be covered in just a few minutes, given that you hop onto an accurate train. I've never enthusiastically spoken about this particular mode of transport, so why am... Continue Reading →

I am a TEA-totaller

World is a vicious circle, which witnesses infinite possibilities. People are addicted to drugs, some to alcohol; nerds are established book readers or computer experts. While today's plague points at cell phone addiction (which every smartphones owner is), I'm a tea addict. Yes! Not alcohol, neither drugs but tea. Known as chai in Hindi, my... Continue Reading →

Badla – It’s all about perception

A pregnant woman searching for her husband - Ring any bells? Yes, I'm talking about Kahaani, a beautifully concocted mystery thriller given to us 7 years ago by Sujoy Ghosh, whose editor Namrata Rao won a National Award (the only trustworthy award in the country now). He has striked again, with Badla. A spider's web,... Continue Reading →

Cut-Edit, Ordeals!

Video editing, for a layman, is consolidating myriad of footages into one aesthetic visual (and audio). When it comes to a movie, almost all technicians are nearly forgotten as the lead characters are the mass appeal for the people. I can say, it's more than just amalgamation of videos. How do I know? Well, I... Continue Reading →

Badhai Ho Trailer Review

You know what drives me crazy? A good trailer spawning a dreadful movie! Seldom come such circumstances when the trailer invokes an undying interest about the film. Badhai Ho is the Kangana Ranaut of trailers - unexpected, honest, witty and blunt. The story revolves around a quartet family who is soon going to become quintet... Continue Reading →

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